CROWN - Rhythms that bring life

The CROWN Rhythm of Life


How do we make the most of the life God has given us? Who doesn't want to answer that question well? Yet often it can often feel like we’re muddling along in our Christian lives, we often talk a good game, but somehow never quite translate those ideals into reality. The CROWN rhythm provides a framework based upon sound Biblical principles that can help lead us into lasting growth as disciples of Jesus as we form our own rule of life.

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Here's what others had to say…

I now feel I can say I know who I am, my identity in Christ has been engraved on my heart and it is what I hold on to...

I have found the whole School of Mission experience most valuable and wanted to say a huge thank you for all your time, support and input throughout the year.

The rhythm of life you have taught me keeps me close to God and I will not stop praying that it will have the same wonderful effect on each individual of the church


What is a rule of life? Why CROWN? How can this bring life to me? What pitfalls do I need to avoid?

If you are new to CROWN and have questions please visit the foundations section. There we introduce the core principles in a series of short videos that explain more.
These are great to review as you begin to form your patterns, to ensure they are faithful and faith-filled!

CROWN Foundations


We have videos and other resources available for the five sections of CROWN, covering Community, Re-Create, Offering, Word and Networks. These introduce the Biblical principles, and suggest ways that we might begin to interpret and apply them into our day to day lives.


For Mentors and leaders, we have guides, study materials and resources to assist you. CROWN is not a course it’s a tool to help form a sustainable and life-giving Christian lifestyle. This is a long-haul, and will require both encouragement and challenge! Ultimately, we want to help people position themselves to pursue God though rhythms that help them experience more of his presence and blessings day by day.

CROWN Resources